The Green Team

The Green Team at Como Zoo and Marjorie McNeely Conservatory is a group comprised of staff members that meet monthly to monitor Como’s environmental efforts and maintain a sustainable workplace

GREEN TEAM MISSION STATEMENT: To make Como Campus an Environmental Ambassador for it’s visitors, staff and volunteers by enhancing, fostering, inspiring green practices such as recycling, waste reduction, conservation, and education.

Green Design

Green Design is an important feature of the Visitor Center at Como Park. The interior walls are made of a recycled wood product. Photovoltaic cells help provide shade over the new Fern Room and offer a source of renewable energy. The photovoltaic project was funded as a demonstration project by Xcel Energy.

Water is collected and reused throughout the new facility. Accumulated runoff goes through a series of pools and streams and ends up in an underground cistern. This water will eventually be used to irrigate the building’s exhibit plantings.

Como’s volunteer team interprets the photovoltaic cells and other environmentally friendly aspects of the Visitor Center to the general public.

The Conservation Parking Meter

The Conservation Parking Meter is on its eleventh year at Como! Money collected in the meter goes to the Center for Ecosystem Survival for the purchase of rainforest land in Central America and the Adopt an Acre program.