Cell Phone & Small Handheld Electronic Recycling

Como has set up a permanent collection point to collect and recycle unwanted cell phones and small handheld electronics. All items collected will be sent to Eco-Cell and Como will received funds for each donated item. The funds raised will go to Orangutan conservation projects that help preserve one of the most critically endangered species on earth, the orangutan.

In addition to aiding endangered orangutans, recycling these items at Como prevents toxic batteries from harming our earth when land-filled and helps to reduce the need to mine coltran, a product used in making cell phones & small handheld electronics that is often illegally mined in an area of Africa that is home to endangered gorillas.

Drop off your unwanted cell phone or item from the list below in the collection box located in the Visitor Center.

In addition to cell phones, we now also accept:

  • cell phone accessories
  • iPods and MP3 players
  • handheld game systems
  • handheld gps units
  • e-readers
  • portable hard drives

Laptops and computers can be recycled for free at Tech Dump.

Important Note: It is the responsibility of the donating party to cancel or switch service on the phone and to delete any data such as phone numbers, text messages, emails or documents that might be on the cell phone.

Personal devices can be dropped off in the Visitor Center located at:
1225 Estabrook Drive
St. Paul, MN 55103

For more information on the Como recycling program call 651-487-8272. Collections from recycling drives can be mailed directly to Eco-cell.  Please contact [email protected] to receive shipping labels.

To learn more about orangutans and what else you can do to help save their habitat visit The Orangutan Conservancy web site.

Ink Jet Recycling

Recycle your Ink Jet and Toner Cartridges at St Paul’s Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. Proceeds from the Cartridge recycling program will help fund Conservation Projects on the Como Campus. A donation box is located in the lobby of the Visitor Center.

Holiday Lights

Have old or broken holiday lights?  Don’t throw them away, recycle them!  Many cities provide holiday light recycling services throughout the holiday season, be sure to check to find a location nearest you.  You can also visit the Recycling Association of Minnesota  for a list of year-round drop sites for holiday lights.

Remember to buy LED lights when you replace your broken holiday lights.  They use a fraction of the energy of traditional lights and last longer too!

Other Recycling

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory has partnered with Eureka Recycling to create a model for public recycling. Eureka Recycling has received a grant from the EPA and MN PCA to create this model for “away from home” recycling. Few examples of large public space recycling programs exist. Como will assist in determining best practices, including how to assess the need and design of public space recycling in the community.