Nature’s Engineers

Join Como Park Zoo and Conservatory as we explore science and nature through the eyes of engineers. The program selections provide something for everyone.

During “Mini Movers,” our youngest learners will discover how animals stay safe in nature by swimming, hopping, flying, and stomping. This 30 – 45 minute program includes an interactive story, creative movement and animal visitors that are sure to delight! Mini Movers is appropriate for children up to five years of age and can accommodate up to 30 learners.

We take learning to the next level with our school-aged “Everything Ecosystem” program.  In our newly developed school-age program, “Everything Ecosystem,” students will learn the components of an ecosystem, as well as develop respect and empathy for plants and animals. This hands-on two part program will challenge students to use observational skills with live plants and animals in the classroom, while learning about how these organisms fit into ecosystems in nature. Students will practice using some of the methods that scientists use to study ecosystem health. They will discuss some real-life problems that many ecosystems face today, and students will be challenged to think for themselves to be problem-solvers. Students will take home ideas on how help their own community ecosystems, as well as ways to be better stewards of the Earth. Everything Ecosystem classes last approximately 75 minutes and are appropriate for groups up to 30 students.

For adult audiences, Como Park Zoo and Conservatory will provide “Nature’s Wonder.” This interactive slide show presentation will highlight the science of biomimicry. Amazing technological advances have been made in all areas of science. Many of these advancements have been inspired by plants and animals. Participants will learn more about how nature is helping scientists clean up oil spills, reduce energy consumption, and make advancements in aviation just to name a few. The Natural Wonders lecture is approximately 45 – 60 minutes in length and appropriate for groups up to 100. Power point projection is utilized and requires appropriate viewing space.

The Nature’s Engineers programs have been generously funded by the Legacy Amendment Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant and developed by the Education Department at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. All applications will be reviewed before we contact the group lead to arrange programming. To ensure a timely response, please confirm that all information is complete. Be sure to take advantage of these wonderful programs designed to inspire us to not only learn about nature, but to learn from nature.