Third Street Studios


Fiberglass, urethane, lacquer, wood and paint.


Como Park Zoo, near Sparky Amphitheater

A plaque on the sculpture reads: “This statue is dedicated to ‘Sparky’ the Sea Lion, whose entertaining show has thrilled and delighted Como Zoo visitors for generations. As we envision the Zoo entering its second century, traditional favorites like ‘Sparky’ often come to mind. When Minnesota businessman Stanley E. Hubbard, Sr. arranged to bring Archie Brand’s Seal Show to Como Zoo from Oregon in 1956, Sparky quickly became a hit. He began his career by performing for small enthusiastic crowds at the South end of the historic Zoological Building and since then has performed over 9,600 shows….following our long Minnesota winters, the ‘Sparky the Sea Lion’ show continues to be a welcome messenger of spring for millions of the Como Zoo visitors. Como Zoo Centennial: 1897-1997