Kiddie Rides


Classic Cruisers
Height Requirement: Under 56”
Number of Points: 4
Enjoy one of two vintage rides at Como Town that have been carefully restored to mint condition. The Classic Cruisers take young riders on a gentle nostalgic “cruise” through time.

Driving School
Age Requirement: 4-13 years old
Number of Points: 6
At the Como Town Driving School kids drive their own cars navigating their way through the streets of the driving school. They steer, brake and accelerate their vehicles and get a real sense of what it feels like to drive a car.

Fire Brigade
Height Requirement: at least 36″
Number of Points: 6
Attention future firefighters! Practice your skill at extinguishing fires on this interactive ride. Each of the Fire Brigade’s six fire trucks feature seating in the cab for drivers, as well as a rescue bucket where two brave firefighters take aim with their water cannons to extinguish the “fire” raging through the ride’s centerpiece building!

Frog Hopper
Height Requirement: 36″
Number of Points: 6
This ride is for kids who like to jiggle their giggles. The Frog Hopper provides seating for 6 kids and 1 adult. Once everyone is safely seated, the ride will slowly lift the riders to a height of 18 feet before lowering in a hopping motion to the base. The lift and drop sequence repeats several times.

Kiddie Grand Prix
Height Requirement: under 56″
Unaccompanied: N/A
Number of Points: 4
This classic children’s ride is designed for the youngest rider. Six retro cars move gently and slowly in a circular motion.

Pony Carts
Height Requirements: Under 56”
Unaccompanied: N/A
Number of Points: 4
Younger kids will also enjoy the vintage Pony Carts as they “race” their ponies around the track. The brightly colored carts and traditional ponies are an old-time favorite, perfectly restored.



Como Town Swing
Height Requirements:
36” for inner swings
42” for outer swings
Number of Points: 7
Como Town’s version of this classic family ride features two rows of swings– the outer row featuring full size adult chairs, while the inner row has smaller chairs suited for younger riders.

Como Town TORNADO!
Height Requirement:
38-48” Accompanied by a responsible chaperone
48” Unaccompanied
Number of Points: 7
The Tornado! is a spinning, tilting and swinging ride that allows passengers to control the spin in each car making the ride as wild or as mild as they would like. The ride lifts seven feet off the ground and tilts at a 20-degree angle as the cars swing in and out as well as around and around.

Como Town Train
Height Requirement: 36″ Unaccompanied
A Required Chaperone Can Ride For Free
Number of Points: 5
Enjoy the charm of this old-fashioned train ride as it winds its way through a nicely landscaped and shaded trail. The perfect ride for young kids and their parents.

Tea Cups
Height Requirements: 36”
A Required Chaperone Can Ride For Free
Number of Points: 6
This classic ride continues to delight children and adults. You can control the spin of the oversized tea cup so you can take a gentle ride or go wild.

Height Requirement: 46″ or 6 years of age unaccompanied
Number of Points: 7
Tilt-A-Whirl is a classic Minnesota family favorite ride that provides thrills and excitement for kids of all ages. Cars pivot on fixed point and riders can spin as fast or slow as they’d like, while whirling around on a rotating platform.

Traffic Jam! Bumper Cars
Drivers must be at least 7 years old
Riders between the ages of 3 to 6 may ride with a driver who is at least 14 years of age.
A Required Chaperone Can Ride For Free
Number of Points: 7
Create your own Traffic Jam! Kids and adults can wheel around a 1,200-square-foot track in a custom designed bumper car, including Como Town taxi, police and fire chief vehicles as well as four zoo animals: tiger, snake, zebra and lion.




Tiger Trax Roller Coaster

Number of Points: 10

Tiger Trax Roller Coaster is a family-friendly coaster custom made for Como Town by SBF Group in Italy. The jungle-themed Tiger Trax coaster cars are custom painted to look like Como Zoo’s Siberian tigers. The figure-eight roller coaster has 1,100 feet of track.


S.S. Swashbuckler Pirate Ship
Height Requirements: 42-52″ accompanied by a responsible chaperone. Unaccompanied 52″
Number of Points: 8
Ahoy Mates – Set sail with some Buccaneers and enjoy a real adventure aboard the S.S. Swashbuckler Pirate Ship. Landlubbers welcome too!

Drop Zone
Height Requirements: 54”
Number of Points: 7
This free-falling ride stands 36 feet tall and allows kids and adults to experience the sensation of a free-fall. Riders are raised to the top before being dropped swiftly to the base. The drop is followed by several short up and down bounces.

The Soaring Eagle Zip Ride

Special Attraction $8 or 16 points

Height Requirement: Guests must be 48” or taller to ride alone and fit securely in the restraint systems.
Guests between 42” and 48″ must be accompanied by a responsible companion who is at least 14 years old and fit securely in the restraint systems.

Como Town Soaring Eagle Zip Ride takes visitors in reverse 420 feet from one end of the amusement park to the top of the ride 85 feet in the air for a panoramic bird’s eye view of Como Town, Como Zoo (including the new Gorilla Forest) and Como Park, and then riders will soar back to the starting point while enjoying the spectacular view. The Soaring Eagle’s double seat comfortably and safely accommodates two riders – children and adults–who can experience the attraction together.





NEW! Como Town Mining Company

Prices Vary

The new Como Town Mining Co features panning for gemstone and fossil – 40 specimens of gemstones and fossils from 15,000 to 340,000 years old. Specimens of gemstones include quartz, amazonite, arrowhead, fluorite, emerald, lapidolite, moon stone, tiger eye, ruby, cooper, and calcite. Fossils that can be found include oyster, coral, petrified wood, whale bone, shark teeth, trilobite, amber and more.

Hodge Podge Park
Number of Points: 10 Points for all day admission
Parents or Chaperones 14 or Older Enter Free
Hodge Podge Park is a super jungle gym that gives kids the chance to explore through climbing, sliding, swinging and bouncing. This playground features climbing structures, suspended bridges, towers, slides, swings and look-out posts.

Splash Zone
Number of Points: Included in Hodge Podge Park admission
Parents or Chaperones 14 or Older Enter Free
Splash Zone provides a fun way to stay cool on a hot summer day. Kids will love splashing in the water, playing in the fountains and under the water sprays. Splash Zone is located in Hodge Podge Park.

Water Wars
Per Bucket of Balloons – Prices Vary
Water Wars is a refreshing summer game for kids and adults. Opponents go to opposing battle stations with buckets of water balloons. Each battle station has a water balloon launcher. Aim for the opposing battle station’s slots and holes in the structure and splash, spray, or saturate your opponent. But watch out, retaliation comes quickly!

Feed the Frogs, Lucky Duck, or Pick-a-Penguin
Prices Vary Based on Number of Plays Purchased
Everyone is a winner!