Ribbit Zibit

Ribbit Zibit is a frog conservation exhibit that incorporates living animals & plants inside the Leonard Wilkening Children’s Gallery. Guests can get eye-to-eye with Red-eyed Tree Frogs, leer at the Lemur Tree Frogs, and peer into the Panamanian Golden Frogs habitat. The Poison Dart Frogs are well represented in colors of yellow & black, blue & black, and green & black. There is also a separate window to watch the world of tadpoles as they begin their transformation. With several large, eye-catching interpretive displays within the exhibit, visitors can read interesting facts about each species and learn about the global crisis in amphibian survival.

The exhibit not only showcases these unique, colorful amphibians, it also teaches and inspires guests about one of the greatest and most urgent conservation undertakings ever: the preservation of frogs and amphibians. Why do frogs matter? They are an important part of a healthy environment. They control pest insect populations that damage agriculture and spread diseases. These amazing creatures are sentinel animals and are among the first species to be impacted by contaminants in the environment. Some frog species have been used with great success in the advancements of medicine to help heal the sick.

Como’s mission is to inspire our public to value the presence of living things in our lives, and a main value is educating on conservation. Click on the “Frog Conservation” tab above to learn more about Como’s conservation efforts.