Bonsai and the Japanese Garden

Today was the day to move the Bonsai from the dormant house to their outside location! The weather is now warm enough for the evergreen and deciduous Bonsai trees to come out of the greenhouse. They are displayed outside, between the North Garden and the growing range. Look through the Parlor doors for a glimpse of these wonderful plants!The Horticulture staff carefully move each tree to the growing area under the shade cloth.The trees have been exposed to the lower outside temperatures in the dormant house. During the winter, temperatures in the dormant area can hover just above freezing. There are even days when snow can be seen falling through the open top vents!!The Japanese Garden is looking fabulous!! The Garden will open Saturday May 1 at 10:00am!The pool is full and awaiting the arrival of the Koi from the Sunken Garden.The redbud is blooming!!!And the crabapple is so fragrant! Vinca is covering this area of the garden under the river birches.Horticulture staff groom every inch of the garden in preparation for the opening on May 1.This is the time of year to “candle” some of the evergreens. The new emerging growth is called a “candle”. This is where the new needles are being formed. About one half of the candle can be removed by pruning. This reduces the height of the plant and creates a fuller specimen.Beautiful!!