Changing the Sunken Garden from spring to summer!

Look at all the activity in the Sunken Garden as the spring show came to an end last week.Volunteers, interns and horticulture staff deconstructed the Sunken Garden in a matter of a few hours.The koi had t0 be captured and placed in the waiting tubs. The koi were then moved outside to the Japanese Garden pool.The bulbs that were removed from the Sunken Garden are saved. They are packaged and offered for sale in the Gift Shop!!Then the summer show plant material is loaded up on carts and wheeled out to the Sunken Garden. Geraniums, roses, lilies, statice and numerous other heat tolerant annuals are used for this show.Pots are sunk into the loose soil mix, awaiting the roses! The pot system is used as each rose plant in the Sunken Garden summer show is rotated numerous times between the Sunken Garden and the outside growing areas. The roses are pruned back after they are removed from the Sunken Garden and allowed to regrow and bloom again up to four times during the duration of the summer show!Plants for the summer show are installed over the course of the week. The entire room must be cleaned, swept and scrubed. The plants must be fed and straightened. Then the room can be opened for all to see! Come and see the finished summer flower show!!