Sunken Garden Gazette 7/10

Green Thumbs…

The oriental lilies on the terrace and garden end keep us busy replanting them with fresh blooming plants every 10-13 days. This week ‘Purple Prince’ lilies were refreshed by Hort Victoria and Intern Zach. Once they leave the Sunken Garden, the lilies can be purchased from the gift shop and believe it or not, they are hardy in our zone 4..

Eucomis, pineapple lily, on the points were also recharged.  Enjoy their amazing aroma reminiscent of coconut.  Don’t they make a lovely contrast to their neighbor impatiens?  Thanks garden designer Renee!

Celosia ‘Asian Garden’ had a thorough deadheading which will hopefully reward us with fresh growth and blossoms.

Behind the Scenes

Poinsettias arrived.  Aren’t they cute?  Their greenhouse adventure has begun and they will make their debut in the Sunken Garden the Monday after Thanksgiving. I’m excited to see this year’s varieties,Valentine and Winter Rose Dark Red, show off their rose shaped bracts (fancy name for their “flowers”).


This past holiday week brought tons of visitors to the Sunken Garden.  I spoke with visitors from North Dakota and Philadelphia who were making the Twin Cities their family vacation destination. Glad the conservatory was on their “must see” list.  Are you old enough to remember when you could enjoy a stroll around the Sunken Garden with an ice cream cone and your beau?  One visitor this past week was.

Plant of the Week 

The hardy water lilies are loving the summer heat and are blooming with abandon.  Their petals are held tightly closed when we first arrive in the early morning to do garden tasks. While we water, fertilize, and deadhead, they slowly open their petals. Before we know it, it’s time to open the doors to the public, but the water lilies never rush and are always ready with gracefully unfurled petals.

Scavenger Hunt for Kids (of all ages)

Can you find in the Sunken Garden:

  • A plant that is growing without soil
  • Leaves soft and fuzzy like a kitten or puppy (Hint: they are silvery colored)
  • Purple colored leaves all (there are 2)
  • Leaves colored both pink and green (there are 4)
  • A flower bigger than your hand (maybe even your head)

Good Luck. Answers in next week’s blog!

– Karri, your happy horticulturist