Sunken Garden Gazette 7/16

Green Thumbs…

Like many of the other Twin Cities residents this past week, it was a challenge to keep the plants hydrated in the Sunken Garden.

The small beds below the steps were given a whole new look this week and burst with color in another amazing combination by garden designer Renee. The purple leaves of Pennisetum and Cordyline dance around the bright petals of New Guinea Impatiens.  Started out with freshened soil and a good drink of fertilizer, these three should thrive in the summer warmth of July and August.  Notice the crescendo of color build along the side beds, from the dark purple of Pennisetum to pinks of Veronica and Scaevola to culminate in the white of gigantic Hibiscus blossoms.

The Harriet W. Frishmuth sculpture ‘Play Days’ was waxed and buffed this week.  Something I do every other week to help keep the beautiful sculpture looking its best. She is a favorite of many visitors and staff, including myself.

Celosia ‘Asian Garden’ is starting to respond to it’s deadheading with loads of fresh blooms. Hurray!

Behind the Scenes

Chrysanthemums have been potted and pinched in the greenhouse and are growing, growing, growing. They’ll make their Sunken Garden debut in the Fall Show.


Come in and relax on a bench surrounded by flowers.

Plant of the Week 

Dichondra couldn’t be happier with our summer weather.  It loves heat and prefers to not get too much water.  It will be fun to see how far it reaches by the end of the Summer Show in September. Grow, Dichondra, grow.

This Week’s Challenge for Kids (of all ages)

Can you find these rocks that are being gobbled up by plants?

Last week’s Scavenger Hunt for Kids (of all ages) Photo Answers  

  • A plant that is growing without soil
  • Leaves soft and fuzzy like a kitten or puppy (Hint: they are silvery colored)

  • Purple colored leaves all (there are 2)

  • Leaves colored both pink and green (there are 4)

  • A flower bigger than your hand (maybe even your head).

Karri, your happy horticulturist