Sunken Garden Gazette 7/23

Green Thumbs…

The papyrus in the pool beds received a little trimming because they were taking more than their share of basket space.

The south end planters had been blooming since April and needed a fresh start.  Hort Renee and intern Zach pulled out the exhausted plants and popped in a fresh design of pink and silver.  The pink lined leaves of cordyline are my favorite.  (Of course I’m partial, having raised them since they were tiny plugs.)

I’m excited about a plant combination we’re planning for next week.  Stay tuned for a smashing color and texture contrast between lantana and buddleia.

Behind the Scenes

The 2nd group of poinsettias for the Holiday Show arrived and were planted in no time by Interns Katie and Zach, and Hort Victoria.

Chrysanthemums for the Fall Show are growing well.  They received a pinch to increase their branching and flower power!


My favorite part of the day is when I slip into the Sunken Garden and see visitors, each in their own way, enjoying the plants.  A preschooler stepped up to the overlook, raised his arms in the air, and exclaimed, “beautiful, beautiful.” A gentleman reposed on a bench to survey the flowers.  Another visitor was inspired to sketch. It is a great place to take a blossom break, to slow down and listen to the musical splashing of the fountain.

Plant of the Week

Delighted with the July sunshine, Yucca is thrusting up new leaves into a silvery spire.  Hort Victoria and I pruned back it’s ambitious neighbor white salvia to give it a bit more elbow room, and I’m sparingly watering the soil to give yucca the dryness it prefers.


Sunken Garden Scavenger Hunt for Kids (of all ages)

Can you find:

  • A flower that looks just like a little white moth. (Hint: it sways atop a thin stalk)
  • A tall, green stem whose top looks like it has burst into green fireworks. (Hint: ancient Egyptians used this to make paper)
  • A pink flower that would make a great trumpet for a garden fairy.
  • A leaf that is shaped like a pie with a very thin slice cut out.
  • A white flower that is the size and shape of a gumball.

Good Luck. Answers in next week’s blog!

– Karri, your happy horticulturist