YEP Update #2

Fun is Good, right?  Of course!  And good things can be fun, too!  In September, the Youth Engagement Program took a field trip to visit a couple of fun venues that are doing good things.  CHS Field provided a tour highlighting the sustainable practices that help make the home of the St. Paul Saints the greenest ball park in America.  After the tour, we hopped across the street to take in the St. Paul Farmer’s Market.

As you read this month’s blog, you’ll see the appreciation youth have for the wonderful assets this city has to offer.  As we move through this year of programming, the youth will be charged with utilizing their personal assets, team’s assets, and community assets to address various conservation needs.  Stay tuned!

Youth Blog

Recently, we YEPpers took a trip to CHS Field and the St. Paul Farmer’s Market, and it was so fascinating. We got to go behind the scenes at CHS Field and see some of their amazing sustainability features in action. (Thank you to Tom for the great tour!) Afterwards, we headed into the Farmer’s Market across the street to look for fresh vegetables, fruits, and other food items for a group lunch.

The Farmer’s Market was awesome, and I really enjoyed my time there. There were fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses and breads, honey, and more. The atmosphere was welcoming, and I was so impressed by how much good, fresh produce was available for reasonable prices.  This was important for our group, since we were each challenged to buy lunch with just $3. We pooled our money and worked together to find different items we wanted for our meal, and ended up having some money left over. We were all able to eat fresh, locally grown food for not a lot of money – something many people, including myself, don’t always realize.

Usually when we think of organic, ‘healthy’, or locally grown food, we might think that it is more expensive and more of a hassle to buy, but often it is easier than we think. If you’re in St. Paul, the Farmer’s Market is a spot that can’t be passed up.

After we’d eaten, we got back on the bus to Como, and during the ride, I saw beautiful street art on buildings, restaurants and stores and people that showed the diversity of the city, and communities coming together. All these things strengthen and enrich the city and the neighborhoods it includes, and will continue to do so for years to come.

This experience was wonderful, and it led me to realize that being energy conscious, or buying local and fresh produce, was not as difficult or unattainable as I might sometimes think. It helped me see the assets of other communities as well as my own. All in all, it was a great day of learning and getting to see some pretty neat things.


Youth identified street art, festivals and murals as community-building assets downtown.


CHS field is known for hitting it out of the park when it comes to fun.  Did you know the sustainability plan is a home run as well?



The youth enjoy the fruits of their labors after the farmer’s market challenge.  With only $3 each, they pooled their resources to provide fruits, veggies, and even desserts to enjoy at a Union Depot picnic.