An Out-Of-State Visitor’s Perspective of Como

September 6th, 2016

Visitors from around the world visit Como. Recently, some visitors from North Dakota spent some time at Como. Take a look at what they had to say!

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Chloe the Sloth Turns 12!

August 23rd, 2016

Como Zoo staff and the visitors celebrated “Chloe the Sloth,” the resident Hoffman’s Two Toed Sloth  12th Birthday on Sunday in Tropical Encounters. Zookeeper Bree gave a 15 minute sloth talk about conservation and fun facts  of these unique furry friends. Chloe’s half brother “Stephano,”  Como Zoo’s Education sloth, made an appearance as a party guest as well. The public got to interact by blowing into quiet party  favors in the midst of  bird singing in the exhibit to relate to how sloths may vocalize but are often unheard. Sloths use other adaptations, such as their large noses for sense of smell;  to find their friends or mate in the rain forest of Central and South America.

Chloe also received a tomato cupcake on her resident tree which was a hollowed out tomatoes with steamed butter nut squash , noodles, and a strawberry. Zookeepers also brought a “guest” who was a cardboard cut out of the now extinct rhino; to help visitors see that changes and help must be made to conserve and preserve many of the endangered and threatened species. The rhino was unable to be present due to it’s  now extinct representation .

Visitors then got to ask questions and interact with keeper staff.

Photos by Jackie Scherer Photography




World Turtle Day® at Como

May 23rd, 2016

On World Turtle Day®, zoos and aquariums accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) are highlighting conservation efforts protecting turtles and tortoises and are encouraging the public to join in taking action to help save the species from extinction.

Como is home to many different turtles and tortoises including Galapagos Tortoises, Mata Mata Turtles,  Pancake Tortoises, Radiated Tortoieses, Sulcata Tortoises, Wood Turtles, and Yellow-Headed Turtles.

About AZA

Founded in 1924, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of zoos and aquariums in the areas of conservation, animal welfare, education, science, and recreation. AZA is the accrediting body for the top zoos and aquariums in the United States and eight other countries. Look for the AZA accreditation logo whenever you visit a zoo or aquarium as your assurance that you are supporting a facility dedicated to providing excellent care for animals, a great experience for you, and a better future for all living things. The AZA is a leader in saving species and your link to helping animals all over the world. To learn more, visit

About SAFE: Saving Animals From Extinction

SAFE: Saving Animals From Extinction combines the power of zoo and aquarium visitors with the resources and collective expertise of AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums and partners to save animals from extinction. Together we are working on saving the most vulnerable wildlife species from extinction and protecting them for future generations. To learn more, visit

Galap-001 mata-001 Pancake-001 Radiated-001 sulcata-001 Wood-001 Yellow-headed-001


Photos by Zookeeper Ruthie


The Amazing World of Moths – Now Open!

April 30th, 2016

Photo Exhibit Featuring Ultra Close-up Macro Photography to be Displayed at Como


 053161 - Rosy Maple Moth - Dryocampa rubicunda - 2x3 - titled 010394 - Hypoprepia miniata - Scarlet-winged Lichen Moth - 2x3 - titled


Como Park Zoo and Conservatory proudly presents a stunning photo exhibit by Minneapolis artist Bill Johnson on display in Como’s Exhibit Gallery April 30th through June 30. Over 40 extreme close-up images will highlight the amazing colors, shapes, and diversity of the insect world.

Mr. Johnson specializes in plant and insect photography, from full-specimen to ultra-close-up macro photography.

Mr. Johnson’s images have appeared in over 900 national and regional publications, including nature magazines, gardening books, field guides, and most recently a children’s book to entitled Minnesota Bug Hunt which explore insects, friendly and fierce, that live as close as our own backyard. His photography travels have taken him to a variety of geographic regions nationally and internationally.

The public is invited to a “meet & greet” with artist Bill Johnson on Sunday, May 1 from 1pm – 4pm. The exhibit will be on display April 30th through June 30, 10am – 6pm. Admission is free.

**Media Availability: More images, as well as high resolution images, & additional information about the artwork & artist are available for all television, radio and print requests. Please call 651-487-8294 or e-mail: [email protected] to schedule.

085060 - Haematopis grataria - Chickweed Geometer - 2x3 - titled


Climate Change Impacts Churchill Polar Bear Population

November 12th, 2015

Sven Sundgaard and Kare 11 stopped by Como to learn how we help Polar Bears in the wild! Sven also made some special enrichment for Buzz and Neil! He is now in Churchill, Manitoba learning about the plight of polar bears and climate change. Follow his adventures on Twitter using the hashtag #ExploreWithSven.