Zookeeper Melanie in Churchill

Zookeeper Melanie is in Churchill, Manitoba for a couple of weeks working with Polar Bears International! Be sure to follow this blog as we post about her journey!

Update #5

These little balls of fur were born last December! Who doesn’t love Polar Bear cubs?!


Update #4

Lots of other critters call the the wildlife management area near Churchill home and this year we have seen a lot of them!  Arctic Fox, Silver Fox, Ptarmigan, Arctic Hare and Snowy owls are just a few.  It has been amazing to see so many species and share in the collective excitement on the buggy as everyone enjoys these animals.  People from all over the globe are instant friends in that moment, connected to nature and each other.  It truly is amazing.

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Update #3

Polar Bears International focuses on Polar bear conservation through education and research.  My job on the buggy is to help by educating the many guests about Polar Bears and the effects of a changing climate.  Every day is different, today my group had people from Australia, England, the United States, Japan, and Canada!

Update #2

Today we got to see these two little females interacting and playing.  It was fun to see bears moving around and having fun.  They stayed together for about 30 minutes and then went their separate ways.

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Update #1

First day in Churchill!   We are out on buggy one (the buggy reserved for Polar Bears International) testing cameras to get ready for PBI’s  live polar bear cam and came across this sleepy girl.  The Hudson Bay is still open water but the smaller pools left by the tide are starting to freeze.
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