This year the Horticulture Department displayed their Winter Carnival Orchid Show exhibit in the Parlor.We used 81 plants in our exhibit. Of the 81 plants we entered 47 plants in 27 different classes. A maximum of three plants are allowed to be entered per class. There are 108 possible classes that are judged; including art, educational exhibits, photos, orchid arrangements as well as plants.We were awarded the following:1st place for our exhibit in the open competition: Orchid plants in flower, arranged for effect, more than 50 square feet.1st place for best miniature orchid awarded to Epidendrum polybulbon .1st and 2nd place for specimen plants awarded to Laelia (Schomburgkia) moyobambae and Angraecum eburneum respectively. 15 – First place ribbons11- Second place ribbons6 -third place ribbons1 Best in Class (Misc. genera) trophy for Ludisia discolor1 Best in Class (Class 10-26) trophy for Laelia (Schomburgkia )moyobambaeWe also had one orchid this year that took a number of very special awards.Laelia (Schomburgkia )moyobambae received:First place class 14 (Cattleya Alliance)First place class 102 (Specimen plants)Best in Class trophy (Class 10-26)Two AOS awards:A CCE award with a score of 92. CCE stands for Certificate of Cultural Excellence. This is awarded to the exhibitor of a specimen plant of robust health and appearance with an unusually large number of flowers. This plant has 396 flowers on 22 inflorescences.An HCC award with a score of 79. HCC stand for Highly Commended Certificate and the points are given based on the flower quality. The plant receiving this award is given a permanent cultivar name. The name chosen for this plant will be Greg McNeely. This plant and all the future divisions of this plant will be called Laelia (Schomburgkia) moyobambae ‘Greg McNeely’ HCC/AOSGreg McNeely was introduced to the orchid which bears his name on Thursday Feb. 4, 2010!