Planting at Gates Ajar

Gates Ajar is being planted!!! This is a sure sign that Memorial Day is just around the corner…..Horticulture staff and interns have been working very hard at getting everything ready to plant the “Gates” by Como Lake. Cuttings have rooted and now it is time to plant!The “Gates” frame has been mudded—-a soil mixture was pressed into the holes of the wire frame and smoothed. Patterns were traced around and then the interns started planting!The soil mix must be kept moist or it will crack and fall off the wire frame. The plantings are watered two times a day until they are rooted into the wire frame.The work is slow and most years it takes about 100 hours to complete the design.Two of the main plants used for the design are Hen and Chicks (Echeveria) and Joseph’s Coat (Alternanthera). Stop down by Como Lake off Lexington Avenue and watch the progress of the Gates Ajar plantings!