Spring Is Here!!

Spring is here!!! Actually, it has already felt a lot like spring for the past few months (at least here in the greenhouses)!The greenhouses are full and very colorful! And the pansies are so fragrant!The pentas for the Butterfly House are hot pink and red!Production of the annuals (like these petunias) for summer plantings is going at top speed!There are plants on the benches (like these hydrangeas) in full bloom that are kept as backup plants for the Sunken Garden plantings.And some of the tropicals, like these wonderful bromeliads, are even blooming! These plants are awaiting their turn to go out on the display in the Palm Dome.The Horticulture Staff are spending long hours watering, fertilizing and grooming the crops and collections to keep everything in top shape!Besides the wonderful flowering plants, there are always those awesome “not flowering at this very moment” plants that deserve recognition! The Victoria Waterplatters are growing in 100 gallon tanks in the production greenhouses, getting bigger daily. These are awaiting the time in early June when they will be placed in the large heated pool in front of the Visitor Center/Tropical Encounters Exhibit.Since this blog was initially created in April 2008 to document the blooming of BOB, the Corpse Flower, it seems appropriate to post an update on this fabulous plant!! Well, BOB did a great job with the small inflorescence produced in April 2008. Yeah, BOB!! Unfortunately, that flowering also took the last reserves available to BOB to regrow.So now we have BOB,too!!! BOB,too is currently not in the public areas of the Conservatory but spends the days growing in a small behind the scenes greenhouse.BOB,too is about 12 feet tall with the base of the leaf (yes, it is a leaf and not a stem!) about 6 inches in diameter. The pot we are using for BOB,too is about 2 1/2 feet wide and 2 feet tall! BOB,too gets fed about one time a week during the spring and summer months and less often during the fall and winter months. There is hope that BOB,too will go dormant this year and maybe, someday…..produce a bigger inflorescence than the infamous BOB!! We will be waiting!!