Como’s Arctic Fox Gives Birth to NINE Pups

Aurora the Arctic Fox gave birth to 9 pups on Sunday, May 20, each weighing-in between 1.8 and 2.2 ounces. The pups are resting with their mother and are not currently on public display. Zephyr, the papa, is proudly frolicking in his exhibit space.

A full grown Arctic fox is about 10 -16 inches long and weighs about 6-12 pounds. It has short legs a long bushy tail that it uses as insulation by wrapping it around itself when sleeping. Its long hair is white in the winter, and “blue” or gray in the summer. Its head has a stubby muzzle, small ears, and large eyes. Its feet are lined with fur, which helps it conserve heat.

Both male and female mature sexually at one year of age. The mating season is May-February and the gestation period for a pregnant female is 52 days. The number of pups born can range between 6-19, and the newborns weigh approximately 2 ounces. Pups are helpless and blind when first born. They nurse until they can eat solid food. Both parents care for the pups.