Field Trip Costs Covered by Grant to Como

Now is the perfect time to visit Como Park Zoo and Conservatory with your class! 

Como has recently received a generous gift from the Donald Weesner Charitable Trust to support transportation costs associated with field trips to our park.  The Yellow Bus Fund is designed to assist school-aged children who would otherwise not be financially able to visit environmental learning centers like Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.  Through this grant, we are able to offset some of the cost of your field trip when you book a program with our Education Department.

Como offers a variety of affordable, fun, and interactive programs for school-agers that include everything from the tropical rain forest to the Arctic tundra.  Programs last between 30 and 75 minutes based on the theme and most can accommodate up to 50 students.  For a full listing of our programs and fees, please visit the Current Programs tab.

Eligible groups are invited to complete the attached application form and return it to Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.  Allocation of funds will be determined both by the number of students served and a statement of need.  Reimbursement rates will be distributed at the discretion of the program coordinator through one of two ways – either at a rate of up to $3 per participant, or to cover the cost of the scheduled programs.

Completed applications can be sent by mail, fax, or email as listed below. Please submit your request to the attention of School and Group Programs Coordinator. Organizations will be contacted regarding the awarding of funds upon completing the application review process.

Individual schools and groups are responsible for coordinating their own transportation to Como.  Immediately following the scheduled program, organizations are required to submit an invoice for bussing fees to Como Park Zoo and Conservatory to allow reimbursement of awarded funds.

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Click HERE to learn more about this great opportunity and to apply!