Join Us For Wolf Awareness Weekend At Como Zoo

Oouuuuutstanding weekend of events planned October 9th & 10th

Trek on down to Como Zoo for Wolf Awareness Weekend on Saturday, October 9 and Sunday, October 10 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Enthusiastic pups and pack leaders can make wolf crafts, play interactive wolf games, and learn the facts about this often misunderstood animal.

Visit the Wolf Conservation Station, where you can hear the latest news on wolf populations in the wild, learn what you can do to help these protected species, and even sponsor one of the zoo’s gray  wolves, Shy-Anne & Denali, through the Como Friends organization.

The wolf is a striking symbol of wild nature, yet it has long been shrouded by myth and superstition. People have changed their ideas and public policies about wolves many times. Earlier this century, wolves were methodically exterminated from nearly all of their historic range. People worldwide believed wolves should be hunted and killed because they were killing cattle and deer. Wolf populations were the lowest in the 1950’s in North America. Thanks to the Endangered Species Act and conservation groups, reintroduction of the wolf into parts of the United States has been successful and in January 2007 the gray wolf was delisted from the endangered species list in the United States.

National Wolf Awareness Week is an important vehicle for dispelling misconceptions and educating the public about the role predators play in maintaining biological diversity.  National Wolf Awareness Week encourages conservation efforts not only for wolves, but for all wild species.

Come to Como Zoo October 9 & 10 for a howling good time full of oouuuuutstanding events, crafts, games and zookeeper talks.