Live 24/7 Action of Como Zoo’s Reindeer Is Just A Click Away

Reindeer From Como Zoo Are Back On


Instead of huddling around the television watching football this holiday season, watch Como Zoo’s reindeer! Now you can see the daily details of their lives through Animal Planet L!VE’s 24/7 cam. Viewers are invited to get to know Como Zoo’s two resident reindeer on the exciting Reindeer Cam. Reindeer Cam brings viewers a glimpse of the behaviors of Como’s hooved animals as they feed, navigate their habitat, and manage social relationships. Santa will personally check in and help feed his best friends (the ones with hooves, not pointy shoes) at 1:00 PM Central Time on December 19th, 22nd & 23rd.

“We’ve noticed that people really seem to have an affinity for reindeer this time of year, and now we have a great opportunity to show everyone that there are so many reasons to be fascinated by their behavior and adaptations. They’re more than just Santa’s helpers,” said Michelle Furrer, Como Park Zoo & Conservatory’s Director. “They’re amazing animals, and we’re excited to share them with the world through Animal Planet L!VE.”

Reindeer Cam is a great alternative to the yule log on the big screen at your holiday parties…although we hear the reindeer may be otherwise occupied around December 24th. Check it, and more than 20 addictive animal cams, out at APL.TV on desktop and mobile devices, as well as select Samsung Smart TVs.

Reindeer Cam is at Sponsoring Como’s reindeer makes a great gift! Call 651-487-8229 for sponsorship package information. Because Como Park Zoo & Conservatory is open 365 days a year, you are able to visit the reindeer every day in person!