New Arrival Hanging Around Como Zoo

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory Welcomes New Baby Emperor Tamarin

A baby South American Emperor tamarin has been born at the Como Zoo.  The baby arrived on Monday, May 13 and visitors can now see the new infant as it hangs tightly to its brother, Paulie, in the Primate Building at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.

After birth it is the male, usually father, who will carry the baby on his back. In this case, the brother is taking on the role because the infant’s father, White Eyes, passed away on February 10, 2011. At the time of White Eyes passing at the age of 22, he was the oldest living Emperor tamarin in North America. The life expectancy of an Emperor tamarin is 18 years old.

This is the 7th baby born to mother, Aries, and the 20th to father White Eyes. Besides Paulie (4 years old), the new baby is welcomed into the family by brother Roger (2 years old). Como Zoo also is home to a bachelor pair of Emperor tamarins, Rocky (2 years old) & John, who at the age of 19 now holds the distinction of being the oldest living Emperor tamarin in North America.

Typically, the gestation period lasts 140-145 days; yielding usually two, sometimes 3 young.  All of the males in the group, father or not, aid the mother during the birth and care for the young long after.

The gender of the baby Emperor tamarin is unknown at this time.  Emperor tamarins are usually between 9-10.5 inches in body length with a tail length of around 15 inches.  They are very light animals weighing only about 500 grams at mature age.  Their most distinct physical feature is their long, white, drooping mustache.