Awwww….New Pictures of Baby Snow Leopard!

July 12th, 2019

Significant, Successful Breeding Plan Achieved Taken July 9   Como Zoo has a new resident – a snow leopard cub. This was the first pregnancy for the cub’s four-year-old mother, Alya, and six-year-old father, Moutig, and the first snow leopard birth at Como Zoo since 2007. Alya gave birth to the cub on April 30th. […]

Como Zoo Releases One of North America’s Most Critically Endangered Amphibians Back into the Wild

June 20th, 2019

A Toad’ally Awesome Thing Is Happening At Como Zoo!   On Monday June 17th, as part of Como Zoo’s behind-the-scenes species preservation and conservation efforts, 3,288 Wyoming Toad tadpoles were placed in oxygenated water and shipped overnight for release near the Mortenson Lake National Wildlife Refuge outside Laramie, Wyoming. Another 288 will be allowed to […]

Social Media Fans Pick “Lydia” as the Name of Como’s Baby Zebra

June 18th, 2019

Como Zoo turned over the naming rights of its baby zebra to its social media fans and the fans have responded; nearly 6,000 times! With 36% of the votes, the name Lydia is now bestowed onto the little female zebra. The other names offered in the online contest were Nia with 34% of the votes, […]

Help Name Our Baby Zebra!

June 10th, 2019

VOTING IS OVER! WE ARE COUNTING THE BALLOTS! STAY TUNED! We need your help in naming the baby Zebra! Voting ends next Monday, June 17! Your options are Claire, Elsie, Lydia and Nia!        

It’s a Girl! Como Zoo Welcomes Baby Zebra!

May 30th, 2019

Como Zoo is happy to announce the successful birth of a female zebra foal. Mom and baby are both doing well and are already delighting Como’s visitors with unconscionable cuteness. The baby zebra was born sometime during the early morning hours of Thursday, May 30th. When the zookeepers arrived in the morning, they discovered the […]