“Pollinators: All The Buzz” ~ New Exhibit Now Open!

BUZZZZZ, BUZZZZZ, BUZZZZZ! We are excited to bring you a new exhibit called “Pollinators: All The Buzz” open now and continuing until Labor Day weekend. This seasonal exhibit will be open daily 10am – 6pm and will highlight pollinators from all around the world with signage, statues and live bees for visitors to observe in an indoor 2,500 square foot greenhouse garden environment filled with pollinator plants. The wide variety of plants come from the world class Marjorie McNeely Conservatory collection and will showcase the different pollinator syndromes, as well as how different flowers attract their own pollinators.

Blue Orchard Mason Bees, Alfalfa Leafcutter Bees and Eastern Bumblebees will be on display in covered enclosures so guests can safely observe them through their lifecycles. Over 80% of the plants today rely on bees and other animals for pollination so that they can produce seeds, including one third of crop species. Bees alone are responsible for many commercial crops such as alfalfa, tomatoes, pumpkins, apples, cherries and many more. Como hopes to inspire the public with this exhibit to take notice of the pollinators all around them and see what all the buzz is about when it comes to pollination.

Visitors are encouraged to show off pictures of their visit on social media using #BEE