Social Media Fans Pick “Lydia” as the Name of Como’s Baby Zebra

Como Zoo turned over the naming rights of its baby zebra to its social media fans and the fans have responded; nearly 6,000 times! With 36% of the votes, the name Lydia is now bestowed onto the little female zebra. The other names offered in the online contest were Nia with 34% of the votes, Elsie with 20% of the votes, and Claire with a respectable 10% of the votes.

Como’s current herd now consists of Ulysses, Minnie, Thelma, and Lydia.

Lydia was born to Minnie on May 30th. Ulysses sired the foal.

The gestation period for zebras ranges from 10-12 months. A newborn zebra’s stripes will turn from brown to black sometime between the first 9-18 months of life. Como is home to Grant’s Zebras, which are commonly found in the grassy plains of eastern Africa including the countries of Kenya and Ethiopia.

The baby zebra is available for sponsorship. Sponsoring an animal is a unique way to help Como Zoo with its wildlife conservation efforts. Donations support enhanced habitats and efforts to maintain the best care possible for the animals at Como Zoo.