Welcome Como Zoo’s Elite Emperor Tamarin Twins

Meet Fleck & Pitino, Como Zoo’s Baby Twin Emperor Tamarins
You won’t find these two at “The Barn” or at “The Bank”

Fleck and Pitino

‘Row the Boat’ or make a ‘Fast Break’ over to Como Zoo to see a bromance sure to bring a winning record of cuteness. Como Zoo is naming its twin baby male emperor tamarins, born August 8, “Fleck” and “Pitino” after the new University of Minnesota football coach P.J. Fleck and the University of Minnesota basketball coach Richard Pitino.

While they aren’t cute Golden Gophers, there is a shared distinction they all share. The emperor tamarins are the youngest creatures at the zoo, and Coach Fleck and Coach Pitino are the youngest football and basketball head coaches in major college sports. And, whether it’s at the zoo, “The Barn” or “The Bank” they all bring exciting energy to their respective habitats.

Fleck and Pitino are the 5th and 6th babies born to parents Lara and Roger. The gender of the twins usually takes several weeks to determine with absolute certainty. Along with Lara and Roger, Fleck and Pitino join brothers Luke and Chewbacca (Chewy) at Como Zoo.

After birth it is a male, usually the father, who will carry the babies on his back for the first 6-7 weeks. The fathers do the majority of the care-taking, usually only handing the infants over to the mother for nursing. Siblings often help the father carry the infants.

Typically, the gestation period lasts 140-145 days; yielding usually two, sometimes 3 young. Emperor tamarins are quite rare in zoos, with only 28 individuals currently in U.S. zoos. E

Emperor tamarins are usually between 9-10.5 inches in body length with a tail length of around 15 inches. Adult Tamarin’s weigh about 1 pound full-grown; the twin babies weigh approximately 40 grams, about the size of a mini candy bar. Their most distinct physical feature is their long, white, drooping mustache.

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