Marjorie McNeely Conservatory Photography Policy

It is the policy of the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory that all posed and commercial photography is subject to permitting requirements when conducted during public hours (when the conservatory is open to the public).

1. All photographers who conduct posed photography during open or public hours are required to carry a Photography Permit. When entering the conservatory, photographers must present their Photography Permit and a picture ID.

After hours rental clients: please contact the Rental Department at 651-487-8250 for more information.

2. Definition of Posed Photography: Marjorie McNeely Conservatory defines posed photography as photography of individuals such as wedding, engagement, prom, family portraits, senior portraits, or the like. This includes wedding portraits and candid wedding shots, commercials and catalog photography. It also includes amateur photographers acting in the role of a professional photographer.

3. Photographers conducting posed photography of any kind, such as wedding groups, family portraits or the like, may have no more than two individuals in a picture. Groups larger than two must rent the Conservatory space before or after public hours if they wish to use the Conservatory as a backdrop for their pictures. Posed photography does not include visitors to the Conservatory who wish to snap a few candid shots of their family as they move through the Conservatory gardens. Visitors should limit time in any location to no more than ten minutes and should not block public walkways. Visitors must also abide by all other parts of this policy.

4. Formal videography is prohibited during public hours.

5. 30 minutes is the maximum stay for posed photography and 10 minutes only is permitted at each location.

6. Tripods or additional photographic equipment other than hand held cameras on monopods are not permitted when the conservatory is open to the public (the local media, when promoting the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory or its programs, are an exception. For more information contact the Marketing and PR Department at 651-487-8294).

7. Parking is permitted only in designated parking areas.

8. No changing is permitted in the restrooms and no props are permitted.

9. Benches, plants and signage may not be moved or altered.

10. Individuals may pose only on public walkways. Planting beds, walls and railings are off limits to photographers and subjects.

11. Marjorie McNeely Conservatory maintains the right to adjust these policies, in specific instances, for the best interests of the Conservatory and the general public.

12. Public Hours Wedding Specific Policies: Bride and Groom only may be posed for photographs. The photographer must carry a valid permit. If the photographer takes pictures of anyone other than the bride and groom the entire party will be asked to leave the building and the photographer’s permit will be revoked. Wedding processions and wedding ceremonies are not permitted during public hours. For rental information contact the Rental Department at 651-487-8250.

13. Unfenced grounds including the veranda, staircase, enchanted garden, frog pond and excedra policies: Posed photography consisting of weddings, engagements, and family groups are permitted at all times, unless the space has been rented exclusively. Catalog shoots, commercials or any photography of product will require a reservation and a permit for any location on park grounds. Please contact the Rentals Department at 651-487-8250 to reserve location for your next photo shoot at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory or on the grounds.

Download photo permit application (PDF) *Applications can be returned to the Visitor Services Desk at the time of use.