Como Zoo’s New Father’s Day Feature~Honoring One of Nature’s Most Unique Dads This Father’s Day

Just in time for Father’s Day, Como Zoo has unveiled its newest permanent exhibit featuring nature’s “super dad”, the seahorse.


Seahorses are a truly unique fish. Not only are they monogamous and mate for life, they are one of the only animals on Earth whose fathers carry the unborn young. A female seahorse will lay dozens, sometimes hundreds, of eggs in the male’s abdominal pouch (similar to a kangaroo pouch) where he will carry the eggs for 45 days until they hatch.

The new seahorse exhibit, located in the Aquatics Building, features a 300-gallon display with 12 “Lined Seahorses” and 15 other species of aquatic animals. More animals will be added to the exhibit throughout the summer. Como Zoo’s plans for the exhibit are to display 3 different seahorse species and over 25 different types of aquatic animals. Visitors are encouraged to look closely for “camouflage” animals. Many of the animals in the exhibit can change colors to blend in with their surroundings.

Seahorses can be found in shallow tropical waters throughout much of the world’s oceans. There are 35 species of seahorse that range in size from 0.6 to 14 inches long. Seahorses swim with the use of a small fin on their back that propels them through the water by fluttering up to 35 times per second. They use their curled tails to anchor themselves to sea grasses and coral.

Sponsoring an animal makes a great Father’s Day gift – that keeps giving back. Animal sponsorships are a unique way to help Como Park Zoo and Conservatory with its wildlife conservation efforts. They support enhanced habitats and efforts to maintain the best care possible for the animals, including the aquatic life, at Como Zoo. To purchase, visit Garden Safari Gifts at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory or call 651-487-8229.