Como Zoo’s Baby Zebra Now Has a Name

As a tribute to long-time Como Park Zoo & Conservatory volunteer and Korean War Veteran Frank Krmpotich, Como Zoo’s baby zebra now has a name: “Krump”.

Frank “Krump” Krmpotich (pronounced krump-a-vich), of Roseville, formally of Crosby and Ely Minnesota, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 84 on September 14. He was survived by his wife Connie, four children, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Frank volunteered as a Visitor Greeter at Como for 21 years. Frank always came to his volunteer shift early with a bag of Pearson Mints, walking from desk-to-desk, person-to-person handing out the treats with a friendly wave, large smile, and a quick joke.

“He just loved meeting and greeting all the people, He was such a people person”, said Connie Krmpotich. “Frank had the nickname ‘Krump’ as long as I’ve known him, and that’s since third grade”. When told that Como would like to name the baby zebra “Krump” as a tribute to Frank, Connie was quick to reply “that’s fantastic, the kids will just love it”.

“Everyone loved Frank”, said Michelle Furrer, Como Park Zoo & Conservatory Director. “Whether he was handing out Pearson’s Mints to the staff, or pennies to the kids, he always looked like he was having the greatest time. He will be missed terribly by everyone at Como”.

Baby zebra Krump was born Saturday, September 3. He was the second baby zebra born in a two month time span. Along with Krump and Krump’s mother Thelma, Como Zoo is home to 3 month old Savanna, Savanna’s mother Minnie, and Ulysses, the father to both young offspring.

The zebra herd can be seen by the public in the Zebra and Kudu exhibit 365 days a year.

The gestation period for zebras ranges from 10-12 months. A newborn zebra’s stripes will turn from brown to black sometime between the first 9-18 months of life. Como is home to Grant’s Zebras, which are commonly found in the grassy plains of eastern Africa including the countries of Kenya and Ethiopia.

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Photo by Jackie Scherer Photography

Photo by Jackie Scherer Photography